Monday, September 7, 2009

Captain Obvious

Obviously I am back from my time of solitude. (I actually got back on saturday morning but have been super busy since then)
One of my dear friends had a little party for her boys 3rd birthday in the afternoon which was a load of fun and at times very funny. Our little ones were exhausted by the time we got home, as were we. BUT we pushed through it and went out to another dear friends 32nd birthday party, a very different scene from earlier in the day! It, also, was heaps of fun and very funny at times. I really appreciated it when people that I hadn't seen since Lola died came to me and said something about her. It would be really easy at this stage to not say something so it was extra nice that they put themselves out there for me.
I made two unfortunate decisions that evening 1. To wear heels and 2. To catch the train home. Catching the train home meant we had to walk from the station. I did a very good David Wenham ('Gettin Square', very popular in youth detox clinics (which I frequented as a worker not a resident)) impersonation and ran/shuffled all the way home in bare feet. What a site that would have been for my neighbours (although, admittedly, not a particularly unusual one around here).

p.s. Daylesford was lovely, not what I was expecting but lovely all the same

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Melissa said...

I have been thinking bout you all weekend and hope your time of solitude was what you wanted it to be.

I am glad some people spoke to you about Lola. It's nice that they did. Thats actually one of my fears, just because Owen isn't "here" with us, people wont talk about him anymore. (some have already started)

Much love to you