Monday, September 7, 2009

The Secret (part 2)

It was a cloudy and cold wintry day in Melbourne but that did not stop this little family from wanting another adventure, in fact all the better for finding and foraging for the secrets of the nearby mountain. The family rugged up in coats, gumboots and warm wooly hats and headed off. Daddy had been told of a secret garden with windy paths, wooden footbridges and beautiful flowers and been given a vague description of where they might be able to find it.

The family were very lucky that day because they managed to find the garden without too much trouble. I think they found the garden so quickly because they have had lots of practice at spotting the signs that there may be a hidden treasure nearby. From what they could tell very few others had discovered the secret garden and on this day in particular there was not another single soul anywhere nearby.

With very quiet voices the family began exploring the secret garden. They followed the windy paths, smelled the sweet scented flowers and were ever so careful to not fall into the little creek that ran through the bottom of the garden.

The pathway suddenly stopped at the tree line. When the family looked beyond the trees they saw they had come to an empty field and beyond the empty field was a football oval. The family thought this looked very odd and so decided to explore further.

They raced each other across the field and then stopped at a standstill when they reached the footbal field. It seemed quite unbelievable that so many people would be so close to the secet garden and never know that they were only a stones throw from something so pretty if only they would put on their adventurer's cap and go exploring. Although, it must be said, the backdrop to the football field was also very beautiful and I imagine quite distracting during a game of football.

The family decided to walk a lap around the oval and let me tell you they were mighty glad that they did! As they began to take the first bend in the road you will not believe what they saw. Through the trees they spotted some VERY bright colours which were most defininitely NOT more trees or flowers, in fact they could only be one thing, A PLAYGROUND. The children were extremely excited and began to run towards the colours, as they got closer and closer they began to realise just how wonderful this particular playground was, it was very very big with lots and lots of different things to play on. There was even a pretend village where the children could play shops and other such fun things. The children were so excited and so happy and spent the rest of the afternoon happily playing!!

p.s. If you can guess which playground this is I will send you a vintage children's story book, there are some clues in the photo's!

p.p.s. Maybe you should go on this adventure too!

p.p.p.s. If you do be sure to send me through a photo of your little adventure!

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