Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A day like any other

Today I woke up, showered, got millie up and dressed, made my kids breakfast, (Stay with me folks, I do have a point) assisted Jackson in becoming a superhero (kid cool to be exact), was told in no uncertain terms we were going for a walk by Millie (without words), had a coffee with the kids (I drank coffee, they ate a biccy), cooked the kids lunch, chatted to my friend on the phone while the kids ran amok, took the dog for a walk, played, cooked dinner and did the whole bedtime thing.

Now I bet you're probably thinking that sounds like a pretty ordinary day and you would be right BUT that is the beauty of it! I didn't feel sad today, I just went about my business. Lola was, of course, never far from my thoughts but I felt a bit different today, like maybe I am starting to claw my way out of all encompassing grief.

The following video is about a year old but it is my favourite, and fitting for this post I think. Hopefully many more of these moments are to come for our little family!


Brendon said...

You forgot to say about spending time with your lovely husband! I'm very proud of you! I love you!

Kristalee said...

Oh and hung out with my lovely husband who was not grumpy at all even though he is on night shift at the moment xxx

MadMel said...

hehe that is the funniest video! Isn't it funny what they find amusing? Ashton does that all the time, he will just laugh at the older boys even though they aren't doing anything funny.
So adorable!