Thursday, June 11, 2009

Secret Mens Business

I have been really proud of the way my husband has been dealing with his grief over losing Lola. He has been so open and honest about all that he is feeling. At no time has he shut me out or shut down emotionally. He has been beautifully supportive of me and allowed me to support him.

While I have been using this blog as an outlet for my grief, Brendon has done as many men before him have done and retreated to his shed! Brendon has been putting his energy into creating things out of wood! He has almost finished making bunk beds with a built-in desk for Jackson. I must admit, I was skeptical at first as Brendon has practically no woodworking experience, but... dont tell him I said this, they are pretty impressive!

The following picture is the almost finished product, they still need to be sanded and some varnish, polishing thing done to them (not my domain). I will show you a picture when they are all finished and in Jackson's room too!


Davina said...
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Davina said...

heehee Ebbie just said 'when I be good at night and don't scream then I can have a sleep over at Jackson's house in Jackson's bunks and that will be SO SO cool!'

Kristalee said...

aww, how cute would they be having a sleepover in the bunks! You guys have to come over purely for that photo opportunity. I'm so glad she hasn't forgotten us xxx

Kahlee said...

Oh my goodness! He really has no woodwork experience? The bunkbed looks fantastic!