Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look what I just found

I love this print! Guess what it is called? Lola Freedom
It is so beautiful. I think that print would be gorgeous in Millie's room. My girls were going to share a bedroom. It looks so cute set up for two little girls, all pink and red and white and girly. I feel really sad for Millie that she will never get to share her room with Lola. So sad that I am yet to move any of Lola's things out of there. I'm thinking of hanging this print in Millie's room so that Millie can still share her room with Lola.
I tried to add a link to the 'Belle and Boo' website but my greenness to blogging is not allowing it. (Tips welcome!) Anyway the print is from 'Belle and Boo' and they have tonnes of other beautiful things!

*Hmm off to convince hubby*


Chantelle said...

I love these prints, and I think that is such a lovely print to have in Millie and Lola's room.

I have been eyeing them off ever since Sheye has shared the Ava prints.

So beautiful. xx

A said...

Not sure where you were looking but Lark sells them in Australia - cheaper than getting it from the UK.

Davina said...

Oh Ebbie has a Belle and Boo print hanging over her bed, I absolutely adore it, its one of the Ava series ones. I def. agree this NEEDS to go in Millie and Lola's room!!!

Kristalee said...

Oh thanks for the tip A. It was a bit scary converting the price from pounds!
The Ava one's are so cute too and have a lovely story behind them

Mel said...

Hi Chick!

What a beautiful print - and SO perfect in name and meaning!
I think Millie would love to have it in that gorgeous room!

So good to hear Jack had a nice day yesterday - we're looking forward to helping him celebrate on Sat!

So... you can have a look at my embarrassing attempt at a blog - still haven't figure out how to link the 'please update me' list I have here to the darn thing but I guess if i do get there it will motivate me to keep it going!

Your blog is very beautiful, such a lovely dedication to Lola and (hopefully) a helpful medium for you through this hard journey.


Jessica said...

Hello! What a gorgeous print and its perfect for the girls room. I don't think you'll have much trouble convinving Bren !
Jess x

Lauren said...

oh I love the print it is just perfect :)

MadMel said...

Did you get it? I think it's perfect. Looks like little Millie setting Lola free.