Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday I met a very special little girl called Poppy. She is 8 weeks old and the loveliest of babes. Poppy's mum is one of my very best friends so when we found out the news that our babies were due only days apart I was absolutely over the moon. We had already planned a summer holiday together which would now be all the more exciting because we would both be beached whales on the sand together (well me much more so). We spent much time on that holiday daydreaming about the fun (mischief) our girls would get up to growing up together, not only the two babes in our bellies but amongst our group of friends there is six little girls all born within two years of each other. The thought of this little gang of girls made me soo excited about the years ahead and watching them all grow up together.

I have desperately been wanting to meet Poppy but at the same time have been terrified of all the feelings it would bring up for me and Yes, I'll admit it was hard, but wonderful at the same time. Poppy was ever so gracious in letting me cry all over her and even gave me some lovely smiles. I feel really blessed to have Poppy in my life as I'll be able to watch her grow up and know what Lola would have been up to. Hopefully she wont just think of me as her parents weirdo friend who looks at me strangely and cries!! Love you guys xx

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MadMel said...

Such a sad post ... it's like I can feel your grief. Wonderful that you can watch Poppy growing up knowing that Lola would be doing the same sorts of things. Big hugs to you, your an amazing woman.