Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holiday Nostalgia

This weeks Blog this challenge is the perfect distraction I think (and a sneaky way to cheer up my blog).

My dad came to us with a small dilemma one day "I have a car in Melbourne that I need in Perth, do you know anyone who would be interested in driving it across for us? I will pay for petrol and accomodation" Ummm how about US!! Given we had a 2 year old, dad didn't really think it would be an option for us but it sounded too good to turn down so we signed on the dotted line. We actually decided that 10-12 hours driving a day, three days in a row in a teeny two door car was too much for our little 2 year old so dad agreed to take Jackson in the plane to Perth with him and Brendon's mum agreed to look after him for the three days we were driving so planning our road trip began!

We planned each leg of the journey meticulously, well Brendon did, I generally prefer to just see what happens but Brendon gets anxiety without a map! Brendon even had the music we would listen to all worked out. Then a couple of weeks before we were due to leave I found out I was pregnant with Millie. Very exciting news for us but we were a little unsure how that may affect our road trip as I had suffered terribly from nausea when pregnant with Jackson. We decided to just wait and see and crossed our fingers that things may be different with this pregnancy. All was good the first few weeks, I had the normal extreme tiredness but no nausea! So we set off very early on a monday morning. One hour into our trip and BANG! My first vomit! I sat in the passenger seat the whole way with a bucket between my legs! Three days driving from one side of Australia to the other feeling soo sick!!

We still had fun though! We stopped at the Great Australian Bight and were blown away by how amazingly beautiful it was, we saw Camels on the side of the road, stopped at some tiny, remote little towns, got a little spooked by a scary looking guy (think 'Wolf Creek') who was at all the same stops as us until we realised he had no choice! There was no other road! We were amazed by an awesome looking storm headed our way, we could see it coming for about an hour before it hit! We talked, listened to music, missed our little boy and arrived safely in Perth. Not the most memorable, beautiful or fabulous holiday we have ever had but a fun adventure all the same!


Kathryn - MamaBoo said...

All these places I have never been! It sounds like a pretty cool trip, except for the vomiting!

carly_grace said...

love the 'scary guy in all the same stops' hehe but he had no choice. your brain thinks like mine until reason kicks in :)

sounds fun! id love to do that. my boyfriend is the same - needs a map or his gps now lols.

Mel said...

Hi luv,
Good story!
Didn't Bren put some pics of your trip on facebook? I remember laughing at you posing in front of signs! I think that's where I saw 'em.

Kristalee said...

Yep they are on facebook but lost on our computer, can I get them back from facebook?

Kristalee said...

Doesn't matter I missed the deadline on blog this anyway!

nellbe said...

Amazing trip! Sorry to hear that your morning sickness kicked in at the wrong time though!