Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Charlie

My husband has been begging me for years to get a puppy and while we were living in a two bedroom unit in Hawthorn the answer was always NO! Then we moved to a 1000 m2 block but I was about to become a mum of three kids under four so the answer became 'when lola (although we didn't know her name then) turns three!' Anyway I am not really a 'dog person' but Brendon got me at a vulnerable moment and she is pretty cute plus the thought of naming her Charlie (from Charlie and Lola the kids show) persuaded me to finally say yes.

She has won me over, she has a lovely nature and has not been too much trouble to train and I like that she can keep me safe when Brendon is on night shift. I still refuse to deal with dog logs though!!

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Jaclyn said...

"Dog logs" lol!