Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have this friend

and she is awesome! She always rings me or messages me to see how I am. She understands that even though I may not always answer the phone I notice that she is ringing and that is enough to let me know that she cares and then she will ring again the next day. She understands that I find it hard to travel far from home at the moment so is always up for making the journey to me. She is not afraid to witness my emotions in all their rawness and feels it right along with me. She asks me what I need from her as my friend and does her absolute best to give it to me and then some. She mentions Lola's name all the time because she isn't afraid of seeing me upset and how it will make her feel. Our friendship feels so one-sided at the moment, she is giving soo much but she doesn't care one little bit, she just gives! She really is awesome and I love her!!

Image Shirae

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Kat said...


I am so sorry that I have only just learned of your loss of Little Lola. There are no words. I wish i had of known sooner and IM sorry we lost contact after Hannah died.

Love always